This corner shop is a not for profit, changing space, in Leith, Edinburgh. It hosts mostly local artists, makers and gardeners with an eye to the wider world. Events/residencies/shop pop-ups are in occupation throughout 2023.

Come and visit.

Contact mote at the email below to find out more, or if you would like to set up a show/shop or event. All ideas and suggestions are welcomed for consideration.

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Past Events

Flowers at mote

3 June 2023

Paintings: New work by Thomas Aitchison & Tim Dodds

19–27 May 2023

resting phalanx

21–30 April 2023

Exhibition plus:
Natural clay workshop with Glen on Saturday 29 April, 11am
During the show, Glen will be building a mini Japanese kiln most days

Memento by Joanna Kessel

24 Feb–2 Mar 2023

Winter Shop @ mote

3–17 December 2022

This fish sings

16–25 September 2022

Work by Leith-based artist Robin Wheelaghan

Jane Brettle: mine and other works

17–27 August 2022

Jane Brettle’s 2 part film work ‘mine’ was shown alongside new photographs. ‘mine’ documents several years’ exploration of abandoned coal and tin mining sites in East Lothian and Cornwall.

Cal Flyn Talk

17 August 2022

We were delighted to welcome author of Islands of Abandonment: Life in the Post-Human Landscape.

It's About Time

29 Jul–6 Aug 2022

This assemblage of sculpture, sound and moving image from three Glasgow School of Art graduates reflects on the persistence of shared cultural pasts, presents and futures.

Together, they pose the question: what is our stake and what is at stake, in remembering?

Cathy Orton, Paintings

20–28 May 2022

Cathy Orton’s perceptive view of her own world speaks for the wider one. Paintings on cardboard and canvas are simultaneously bold and sensitive, all of them saturated in colour.

Blessed Unrest

9–17 December 2021

Textiles by Lorna Brown, Blessed Unrest.

Voices on the Road

7–8 November 2019

A short documentary set in the Peruvian Amazon by Edinburgh filmmaker Eilidh Munro.

Birds, plants, animals

21–29 September 2019

The spirit of creatures traced in coloured pencil: Betsy Bain’s practice is rooted in our relationship with nature.

Flowers of Leith

24–28 August 2019

A street happening in response to graffiti marked onto the shop window boarding during renovation.

Wall Painting by Miranda Blennerhassett

Miranda is a Dublin-based artist. In July 2019, she spent a week on a ladder painting the east wall of the shop. She says this about her wall painting:

“The painting is based on the original Victorian wallpaper found in the back shop. I reconstructed the pattern from photographs, tracings and scraps of paper gathered during early visits. I’m always keen to maintain the link between a work and its context, related to the location’s history. Using the shop’s existing pattern feels appropriate and a fitting way to acknowledge the building for what it is.

I’ve chosen to focus on one single repeat of the pattern and to simplify the form of it so that it becomes a shadow of the pattern, referencing its historical nature. It becomes more of a ghostly impression of the shapes rather than anything too literally defined, acting as a memory of the history of the shop’s interior, a form in keeping with the style of the era when the building was constructed and yet belonging to the present.

Frequently I scale up patterns linked with a domestic setting (knitting, weaving, quilting, tiling, wallpaper, etc) in order to give them a more dominant position in a space or location, showing the importance of overlooked details that have such a crucial subconscious impact on how we experience places and spaces.”


Contact mote102 by email to receive further information or to participate. Your details are private and will not be shared with anyone else.

mote102 & Flowers of Leith, 102 Ferry Road, Leith, EH6 4PG

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