Artist Residency: Claire Borwell and Alix Villanueva

Artist Residency 7 to 12 August

Alix & Claire invited you to bring in a plant from your local environment (park, pavement, garden etc) to add to the community herbarium they are working towards creating during this week long residency.

Investigating methods for capturing plant specimens—from anthotypes and cyanotypes, to the development of pigments—they are happy to answer questions about the project.

They will be bringing the completed herbarium to mote in the coming weeks.


Claire Borwell is an illustrator whose work is mainly inspired by nature, colour and story.

Alix Villanueva is an artist and a gardener. Her multimedia practice investigates alternative, fruitful ways of interacting with our environment and the beings that inhabit it.


The Closing Event was a warm informative evening on 12 August, 6 to 8.30pm. Public drop in days: 8 to 11 August, 11am to 4pm