Filming for Climate: ‘Collision Course’

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Climate Change poses a serious threat to the health of our planet and life. However, we have it within our power to repair, restore and build a better, and more just, future for all.

Join us for an evening of film screening and discussion centring around two projects, both of which use the medium of film to delve into the impact of Climate Change on communities in Pakistan and in Scotland.

‘Collision Course’ is part of the series Voices from the Roof of the World: Andrew Tkach (executive producer), Cyrus Viccaji (director)

‘Collision Course’ explores the lives of residents in Kirachi. This city’s population, circa 25 million people, experience deadly heat waves, water scarcity and flash floods. Meet those fighting for survival and working towards solutions. 

1.5 Degree Films: A film series by Media Education CIC

This COP26 project invited a variety of diverse individuals and groups from across Scotland to share their own short film on climate change giving an insight into its effects on us, our communities, families and surroundings. This series of shorts will be shown throughout the evening. 

Discussion and Q&A

The screening will be followed by a panel discussion and Q&A.

We will discuss: How we reach and provide platforms to lesser heard voices? What parallels can we draw between our experiences? What are the actions each and every one of us can take to ensure that the future is fair?


Diego Arguedas Ortiz, climate journalist and manager of the Oxford Climate Journalism Network.

Andrew Tkach, executive producer of Voices from the Roof of the World, who will describe Season 2 of the series, premiering on 6 November.

Cyrus Viccaji, director of ‘Collision Course’ will talk about the biggest floods in Pakistan’s history. 

Iain Shaw, director of Media Education CIC.

Stephanie Maia, the event organiser.