Flowers of Leith

An installation created by Steph, Chrissy, their children and mote in response to offensive graffiti drawn on the shops boarded windows while building work was completed. Steph took the initiative, without permission, to graffiti and paint over the words which were troubling their daily walk to school. It was a joyful intervention.

Bringing those flowered boards indoors once the shop opened, instigated the first show at mote, encapsulating the energy and powerful enthusiasm of local, community action.

The joint family collective created 2 new pieces of work in the shop which were displayed alongside the window boards. One showed a map of Leith with the Water of Leith curving through favourite landmarks, the other simply prints the word Leith full on in decorated capital letters. Both were instigated and made by the children (ages toddler to 11) with enthusiasm and aplomb.

24/08/2019 to 31/08/2019