Granton Séance

Exhibition: Granton Séance, an exhibition by Megan Rudden
Saturday 23 June to Sunday 9 July
10am to 4pm

Megan Rudden, an artist born in Leith, now living in Glasgow and commuting to Edinburgh College as artist in residence, travels through her family landscape, stopping in her tracks, picking up messages.

‘I have spent the last five months as artist in residence in a college built on top of my great gran’s house. I gave a power point presentation in her kitchen and held workshops on her front porch. I got to know the looming gas holder that was her neighbour, a decorative relic of dead industry or the final remnants of my great grandad’s old work. I held a solo séance in a whiteboard room meant for meetings and more serious things.’

Shaping sculpture, words, installation, Megan, and her family’s presence, occupies the shop for 2 weeks.

Both exhibition and performance were part of this year’s LeithLate programme.

Megan’s work for this exhibition is supported by Creative Scotland.

Performance Evening: Friday 30 June

Site Writing Workshop: Thursday 6 July

Together they considered various ways to respond to site through writing. Megan led the group through a mind journey to the site of the old Granton Gasworks before experimenting with ideas psychometry and deep listening.

Each participant was be asked to bring an object of personal significance to work with during the psychometry exercise. This object connected to personal histories or ancestral history.

This workshop was part of Megan’s exhibition and took place among her sculpture, film and written works at mote, 102 Ferry Road, Leith.

Tea Events: Sunday 2 July, 3 to 4pm
Saturday 8 July from 10.30am