Memento by Joanna Kessel

An exhibition of research

Memento—to remember, recall. Souvenirs remind us of a given time and place, become treasured objects, embody a personal experience. They are imbued with the power to transport us to a place that is both real and imagined.

Memento—this showing focussed on Joanna’s recent research into traditional filato micro-mosaic techniques and includes new, explorative, contemporary wall mounted pieces, drawings and a small selection of previous work. It was arranged to demonstrate the shift in scale from architectural mosaic artworks to miniature hand-held pieces—macro to micro—and her move in focus from urban to natural environments.

Joanna Kessel in conversation with Sara Brennan (event over) 

Thursday 2 March

Joanna and Sara discussed new work in the exhibition, the value of research, the artists’ particular views of nature, time and the correlation between mosaic and tapestry.