Mirror made of paper

Kate Livingstone is a painter and textile artist living and working in Edinburgh after moving from County Durham fifteen years ago.

Her work explores languages of pattern and the cultural histories that underpin particular ornamental motifs and designs. This interest stems from a curiosity about the human impulse to decorate our surroundings and an understanding that pattern is so often more than simply decorative, but also symbolic, communicative, even spiritual.

‘My recent work is inspired by the patterns associated with North Country quilting, a regional quilting style developed in the working class communities of North East England during the 19th century. Deeply connected to a sense of place and cultural tradition, these quilts are characterised by line-work pattern motifs with both natural and geometric influences stitched into layered fabrics, creating a subtle, sculptural relief and a rippling movement over the surface of the cloth.’

The exhibition included two large recently made quilts as well as Kate’s interpretation of original pattern templates made at Edinburgh Open Workshop.