Paintings: New work by Thomas Aitchison & Tim Dodds

Ten years on, this upcoming show revisits the creation of the ‘TinTimTamMan’, a project the two artists developed in 2013, depicting a person covered in tin foil in a series of photographs. In this image, ‘TinTimTamMan’ appears suspended, sideways in his own tin foil world, a mirror-coated Narcissus reflected in a pool of water. The way the foil reflects, disrupts and abstracts reality encapsulates approaches to painting in this exhibition.

Both artists develop imagery by reflecting on and reinterpreting their own art processes, gestures, forms, materials, textures, model making. For Thomas Aitchison, this involves building up paintings in layers, each layer responding, building on and transforming the finished work. Tim Dodds constructs makeshift models out of basic materials such as clay and card, reinventing them by bringing them together into still life and then carefully painting these collective groupings.