resting phalanx

A procession of work by Glen Clydesdale

Glen’s installations of mixed media objects act as temporary sites that bring  together the constructed and the readymade and question our understanding of the world and our place in it.

Fascinated with charting the stories of use held within buildings—reimagined, repurposed or lost—Glen is particularly interested in processional routes within the architecture of civic and religious structures. 

Along these routes the presence of a building is conveyed to us, our actions and movements guided as though playing out a well-rehearsed piece of theatre. 

As part of resting phalanx Glen has created a processional route for mote through which he invites you to walk and conjure your own experience.


A mini-gama kiln will be constructed  throughout the exhibition 

Glen was resident in mote most days constructing a miniature anagama kiln. Anagama, loosely meaning ‘cave kiln’, is a Japanese style of single chambered kiln, often built into the natural slope of a hillside and used for the community. This mini-kiln will be added to the library of firing resources in the woodland as part of Glen’s Stoked project.

The beautiful kiln is documented here.


Stoked: Natural Clay Workshop

Saturday 29 April 11am

6 places. The workshop was 3 1/2 hours long with a 20 minute break for lunch. To book please contact

As part of the launch programme for his new project Stoked, Glen workshop at mote used clay dug  from the Rosehead woodland, his unique outdoor studio space in Clackmannanshire.

Participants joined him to discover how/where he finds clay and gathers it. Glen worked through natural clay processing and discussed how to work with it in an ecologically responsible way.

The workshop culminated in the making of an object—suggested items include a chawan (teabowl) or kogo (incense box)—which Glen then fired.